Chef Daisuke Nomura was born in Tokyo into a Shojin Ryori restaurant family, owners of the premier fine dining restaurant, Daigo. There he developed his career as the third-generation executive chef, receiving two Michelin stars starting in 2008.
Chef Nomura worked to introduce traditional Shojin Ryori to diners within Japan and around the world before shifting his passion to a more accessible version of vegetarian cuisine.
In 2011 Chef Nomura opened his own restaurant, Sougo. Here Shojin Ryori is served in a modern and relaxed atmosphere, for both lunch and dinner.
“I want to cook dishes enjoyable for all guests from every generation, every culture, and every diet. As a Shojin Ryori chef, the most memorable dishes are those that go beyond technique or taste. They are those that give me the opportunity to share moments of gratitude with my guests.”
Chef Nomura continues to travel the world to increase awareness of Shojin Ryori. He is listed on the Plant Forward Global 50.